Jul 222011

Examples of some Corporate Article PR by Nick Snelling 

All of the articles written by me, below, (when Posted on the Internet) had very high Search result ranking – including, in most cases, entry on Page 1 for many of the relevant search terms.

Valencian Oranges (Brio Fruits) – promotion of Brio Fruits, a fruit distributor in Valencia, Spain with a large export market in Europe.

Spanish olive oilMolino del Rio is one of the largest olive oil mills in the Valencia area and export their virgin olive oil worldwide.

Valencia University Gandiaraising the profile of the Gandia Campus of Valencia Polytechnic University.

Cakes in Spain (Dulcesol)one of the biggest manufacturers of cakes, pastry and bread in Spain with a huge internal market and an increasingly big export operation.

Coffee machine manufacturers (Crem International)a quality manufacturer of coffee machines worldwide through their Expobar brand.  One of the biggest in the coffee machine manufacturing business.

Innovazions an article on innovation for SEO purposes regarding web sites and web site marketing.

Articles can be prepared and written for you to publish on your own web site and/or they can be published onto the Internet (and the social media etc.) through the Gandia Web Design and Culture Spain network.

So, if you want articles written about your company or business to raise the profile of your products and services (or to increase your sales!) – then do feel free to contact me.

Nick Snelling  – author of five books including The Laptop Entrepreneur

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