Oct 012011


I am delighted to report that my book ‘How to Buy Property and Move to Spain – Safely’ has just been published in print form, as well as being now available on Kindle and as an e-book.  In fact, I received my first copies yesterday, which is always a nerve wracking moment for an author (does the cover look alright – are there any hidden errors etc.?).  However, it looks good and should do justice to the excellent reviews that I have received from a series of high profile experts on Spain.

Of course, during the past, I have posted a number of articles on Culture Spain warning people to be careful (and especially knowledgeable) before buying property in Spain – whether holiday homes or property in Spain for permanent living over here.

Equally, moving to Spain is not something to do without significant preparation and many times I have stressed that any move to Spain is a good deal more delicate to get ‘right’ than most people ever realise.I say ‘delicate’ because invariably it is a reasonably big step for anyone and can be life changing for better or worse – with so much depending upon how any move to Spain or property purchase is undertaken.

Financially the stakes are certainly high, given that buying a property is always an expensive business and one fraught with potential difficulties in any country.  This is certainly true of Spain, which is notorious for its property problems – from houses being complete illegal(!) all the way through to homes that are as ‘safe’ to buy as any in the UK or Northern Europe.

Needless to say, successfully moving to Spain or buying a safe and sound property in Spain devoid of problems depends upon you knowing what you are doing – before you actually do it!

Sadly, many people come to Spain thinking that, more or less, everything is the same as in Northern Europe.  After all, Spain is in the EU – and so surely the law and operation of the law, from property legality through to construction, should be almost identical?Well, like it or not, things in Spain are different.  Very different!  In some ways this is wonderful and is what provides Spain with a culture and way of life that is seductive and often enchanting (the reason why many of us holiday in Spain or live in Spain).

However, it is far from enchanting to find that the Spanish property that you have bought is illegal or has very significant potential liabilities (such as for infrastructure works).  It is also not so enchanting to find that you have (with the best will in the world) bought in the wrong area or that the community that you thought you had joined is transient not permanent.  Or that the schools are not suitable for your children or that the work you hoped to gain – never really existed.

And so on…

The whole point of my book ‘How to Buy Property and Move to Spain – Safely is that it should provide you with a solid, trustworthy and authoritative ‘road map’ if you want to buy Spanish property – whether as a holiday home in Spain, an investment or as a permanent home.  Furthermore, it should be the best guide to Spain available to you, if you are thinking of moving to Spain.

Indeed, the book is not just about property and buying Spanish property.  It has everything you need to know, should you either come to live or holiday in Spain –  from the different types of police in Spain (and all related emergency contact details!) to schooling in Spain, working in Spain, pensions in Spain, healthcare and inheritance tax, typical construction problems, contract disputes, how to get a mortgage or find a lawyer etc…

The book has 26 sections, 80,000 words, 325 pages and nine, highly qualified contributors – not bad for £14.99 (print book) or £7.99 (for the Kindle version).

If you want to see the Reviews for ‘How to Buy Spanish Property and Move to Spain – Safely’, details of the contributors and all other relevant information then do have a look here.

Frankly (if I may be immodest!!), my book about Spain could save you thousands of Euros and it will certainly help you to avoid the pitfalls of Spain – so that you can enjoy your life here or any holiday in Spain to the absolute maximum…


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