Nov 262011
Rod Younger Books4Spain


I am delighted to be able to report that my friend, Rod Younger, has just opened his on-line book store: Books4Spain (  This, as the name suggests, is a specialist book store that deals only in English language books and ebooks about Spain, whether fact or fiction.

Most conventional book stores have a restricted number of books about Spain – with books about Spain usually scattered throughout a shop, depending upon their category: fiction, travel, biography, history, personalities, culture and so on.  This can make finding a particular book about Spain awkward and time consuming.  Meanwhile, it is easy to miss books that would be genuinely interesting to you, either because you do not know about them in the first place or they are within a section crowded with books about other countries.

Well, Rod has solved these problems!

You can go to Books4Spain and there browse through his excellent web site and not be distracted by any material that does not relate to Spain.  He has also created Spanish Themes which contain books and information on specific areas of Spanish history and culture.

Perhaps as important is the fact that Rod and his team provide loads of useful information about many of the books he has for sale and their authors   This is terrific and of great help!  Few of us can be sure what we really want when browsing, so it is wonderful to have knowledgeable information aailable upon which to base any purchase.

I have to say that you cannot but feel in safe hands with Rod who has an intimate and unrivalled knowledge about Spain.  Although he grew up in London, Rod’s parents are Spanish and he has lived in Spain since 2000.  So, if anyone knows the country (and also what suits the English reader) then it is Rod and it is this invaluable experience that he brings to Books4Spain – and that will benefit any reader.

Needless to say, Books4Spain has a very wide selection of topics and includes the writings of such greats as: Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell, Gerald Brenan, Paul Preston, Richard Ford, Laurie Lee, Norman Lewis, Michael Jacobs and Hugh Thomas.

Books for Spain


Meanwhile, Rod also features many contemporary writers about Spain such as Giles Tremlett and Ian Gibson along with the translated works of some renowned Spanish writers such as: Javier Moro, Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Manuel Rivas, Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Almudena Grandes and Javier Cercas.


As Rod says: “Books4Spain is about providing anyone with interest in Spain a guaranteed place to come for all the books about Spain they could ever want – whether about the culture of Spain, its fascinating history or the terrific fiction that has been written based around the country.”

Of course, for some people, buying books on-line is something of a new experience – despite the fact that more books are now being sold on-line every day.  However, go on Rod’s site and you will immediately be impressed by the way that Books4Spain is user-friendly, intuitive and there to make life easy for you (rather than the book seller!).

Try it and see for yourself…

Finally, Books4Spain is offering the first 50 Culture Spain visitors a 10% discount on purchases made up before 07 December 2011. All you have to do is select those books, which you wish to buy from and, on checkout, use the Promo Code: CULTURESPAIN. Each user can only use this code once, so be sure to carefully select those books you wish it to apply it to (this discount applies to books which are already discounted but NOT to certain eBooks and Special Offer books).

Nick Snelling – Culture Spain