Oct 172011
Furniture repair and restoration Surrey

OVAL MIRROR AFTER RESTORATION (See pre-restoration below!)

Snelling Associates have been long established in Shere, one of the most beautiful, old villages of England.  This is an appropriate place for a business specialising in antique restoration in Surrey – as our workshops are surrounded by beautifully restored houses, each of which echoes with living history.

In fact, it is our belief that antiques should also be a part of ‘living history’.  They should not just be dusty old ‘pass me downs’, however valuable.  They should breathe life and a sense of the living past: they should be useful, vibrant and a joy to behold from one day to the next.

The question, of course, is how to make sure that antiques ‘live’!

Well, like anything old, antiques need care and repair although ‘care’ and ‘repair’ does little justice to what really needs doing – and that is restoration.  Indeed, antique restoration is a very particular skill which, whilst it often involves significant repair work, has an aim that goes far beyond that!

Antique repairs Surrey

OVAL MIRROR PRIOR TO RESTORATION (See above for post restoration condition)

Indeed, furniture restoration is all about revitalising a given piece.  It is about giving life back to it – whilst carefully preserving the unique character and history of the object concerned.  To do this requires a real appreciation and understanding of patina which was described beautifully by an American art dealer called Isack Sack, who said that patina was:

‘…everything that happens to an object over the course of time. The nick in the leg of a table, a scratch on a table top, the loss of moisture in the paint, the crackling of a finish or a glaze in ceramics, the gentle wear patterns on the edge of a plate. All these things add up to create a softer look, subtle colour changes, a character. Patina is built from all the effects, natural and man-made, that create a true antique.’

At Snelling Associates we understand the importance of patina and we have had years of experience in antique restoration. Indeed, our team are highly skilled in the art of furniture repair and restoration in Surrey and there are very few objects that we cannot restore to their true glory, as some of the images here show!

So, if you need furniture repair or restoration in Surrey then do contact us.  We should be delighted to restore your furniture or antique objects and I think you will be amazed by what we can do!  Certainly, if you want really fine antique restoration in Surrey – restoration that will make your objects live – then we are the people to come to…