Jul 262011

Recently I wrote an article about coffee machine manufacturers in Spain which I thought may interest you.  In reality, my coffee machine manufacturers in Spain article probably has more interest for the HORECA industry (searching for quality commercial espresso machine manufacturers in Spain) than the ordinary reader.  However, if you are interested in coffee (and a decent cup of coffee!) then you may, nonetheless, find it worth reading.

Certainly, it may come as a surprise to see that espresso coffee machine manufacturers in Spain (such as Crem International) hand assemble their coffee machines.  This, to my mind, must guarantee their quality- not least because each assembly operative is solely responsible for every machine he assembles!

Anyway, do have a look at this article (first Posted on Culture Spain) – which provides an intimate view on how coffee machine manufacturers in Spain operate:

Coffee Machine Manufacturers in Spain



One of the great aspects to living in Spain (and many Mediterranean countries) is the quality of coffee served wherever you go.  In fact, it is so difficult to find a bad cup of coffee in Spain that I once had a competition with a friend to find somewhere that served a truly rotten cup of coffee.  Needless to say, it took well over a year before my friend and I (awash with caffeine!) finally located a small bar here that served coffee that was almost undrinkable!

So, what makes a cup of coffee in Spain so good?

Well, the surprising thing is that virtually everything has to do with the quality of coffee machine used – combined with the way that they are operated.  Obviously, the type of coffee chosen is important but even the finest coffee can be ruined through a poor coffee machine – with modest coffee capable of being improved radically by a quality coffee machine with a competent operator.

With this in mind, I decided to visit one of the biggest coffee machine manufacturers in the world. After all, what they do not know about making great coffee is probably not worth knowing and I was sure that they would be able to tell me the secret to the perfect cuppa!

By chance, close to where I live is a company called Crem International who are coffee machine manufacturers who operate from Gandia in Valencia Province, Spain.  They are best known for their espresso coffee machines and their brand name Expobar, which you may have seen on espresso coffee machines in bars and hotels that you have been to.  I say ‘may’ because many of Crem International’s coffee machines are sold ‘white label’ meaning that other coffee roaster companies place their name (by agreement!) on Crem international’s coffee machines.



In any event, you will almost certainly have enjoyed an espresso coffee from one of Crem International’s coffee machines at some stage in your life and travels.  They are sold all round the world and are renowned for their robust quality and reliability – essential pre-requisites for any bar or restaurant.

Indeed, Expobar is one of the preferred brands amongst the international catering trade, not least because the last thing a bar or hotel needs is for its coffee machine to be unreliable.  What a disappointment that would be for any customer (and what a guarantee of a savage complaint!), given that a great cup of coffee is de rigueur after a meal and, for most of us, pretty important in between.

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