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80,000 words – 325 pages!
26 sections!
Plus over 160 vital Spanish Terms and Definitions
Plus Useful Contacts
9 highly qualified, professional contributors (Spanish and British)
Written by a Spanish industry ‘insider’ and professional author

“…really informative and up to date…” Liz Rowlinson, A Place in the Sun

“…required reading…”     Martin Dell,

“…it’s like the “moving to Spain Bible…”     Justin Aldridge,

“…invaluable…”     Jack Troughton, Round Town News


THE Laptop Entrepreneur

THE Laptop Entrepreneur

Available in Print or as a book on Kindle or as an e-book

52,000 words, 239 pages, 9 sections, 6 expert Contributors

“A must-read…’ James Parkes

“…superb, practical guide…”  Steve Hall

“A really excellent piece of work.” Mike Cliffe Jones

Invaluable”  Expatica

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30,00 words – 345 pages!
26 sections!
64 Golden Rules
5 highly qualified professional (marketing and Spanish property industy) contributors
Written by a Spanish property specialist

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Only 9.99

“A side-splitting account of life in Spain” – Xpat Magazine
“This is Just William in long trousers!  Do read it”  – Herbert Wise (Director of ‘Morse’ and ‘A Touch of Frost’)
A Byronesque take on the lot of the beleaguered expat” – Theresa O’Shea (Author of ‘In the Garlic’)

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245 pages
An authoritative work on property buying and selling
A guide to construction and general building projects
Also – planning, contracts and disputes
Written 1997

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