Dec 062011
The Laptop Entrepreneur


I am delighted to announce that a book that I have written with a pal of mine, Graham Hunt, has just been published.  This is (appropriately) called The Laptop Entrepreneur.

The Laptop Entrepreneur is all about how to earn a living on the Internet and how to use the Web to create or promote your business.  It has everything to do with today and the problems that we all face in making a living in these uncertain times.

Certainly, jobs for life no longer exist and even those people with work cannot guarantee that they will remain employed for long – particularly now that the Western World is embroiled in a horrific economic crisis.

So, this is the time to make sure that you either have an income earning ‘Plan B’ in place – or are seriously thinking of working independently and therefore taking your destiny in your own hands.

Of course, the Internet has revolutionised work.  Now, you can work independently and, if you know how, to use the Internet to make a living from home (with minute overheads!).  Meanwhile, if you already have a business then you will know how critical it is to maximise the Internet to promote your profile and the astonishing way that you can increase your existing sales of goods and services.

The trouble is that, for many people, using the Internet effectively for work purposes can seem overwhelmingly complicated.

This must be true – as few people take full advantage of the web and I never cease to be surprised by how little even large businesses seem to know about exploiting the Internet.  You only have to look at a lot of web sites to see that most are little more than inert ‘libraries’ that, in reality, do little or nothing for the business concerned.  This is in stark contrast to some well-run Internet businesses that are so ‘savvy’ on the Web that they out-flank much larger (often conventional) competitors!

But how do you start an Internet business and how do you find out how everything works – without being sent reeling by the massive amount of information (often confusing and highly detailed) that is available?

Well, my co-author, Graham Hunt, and I have set out in The Laptop Entrepreneur to provide you with clear and concise ‘road map’ on how to use the Web to earn an income.

Better still, we have written our book for you as the ‘person in the street’ not for some techie with an existing knowledge of computer coding.  That is something you do not need – thankfully.

On the contrary, as you will see from The Laptop Entrepreneur, you really do not need to be techie at all to be successful on the Internet.  However, what you do need to know is how the Internet works and how you can make it work for you.  This is what we show you – helped by a number of top Internet ‘Guru’s’ who have built successful businesses and gained independence and freedom from the constraints of conventional life.

In truth, The Laptop Entrepreneur could change your life completely – or transform your existing business!

Find out all about Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Social Media, Copy Writing and dealing in Domains.  Understand how to undertake Market Research for your intended (or existing) business.  Learn about Search Terms and how best to choose and use them – and find out how to create and make your web site work.  Meanwhile, obtain access to a range of recommended tools and information that will stop you having to blunder around the Net trying to find the best resources to use.

Can you really do without The Laptop Entrepreneur?

Of course not – if you want to have independence, create your own business or turbo-charge your existing sales.  All of that is possible if you know how – and that is what The Laptop Entrepreneur will tell you!

 “A must-read…’ James Parkes

“…superb, practical guide…”  Steve Hall

“A really excellent piece of work.” Mike Cliffe Jones

“Invaluable”  Expatica

“…practical and down-to-earth…”  Norman Viss

Nick Snelling – author of five books and web master of Culture Spain

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  1. Dear Nick,

    Your book is really good indeed!. To the point, specific and has lots of useful Internet links.
    I relate to your life experiences and have sought to do what you have done. But also my siblings, some of them (I have 5) are stuck in a 9-5 busy life that doesn’t let them breathe or actually l-i-v-e. This is why I wonder, have you plan to have your book translated into Spanish?

    We, the Spanish community can really benefit from a Spanish version.
    Please let us know if we can hope for it.
    Kind regards,

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